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Upcoming Workshops:
Osho  Meditation Teacher Training
Osho  Meditation In-depth & Facilitating

3 days, 4 - 7 January 2024 at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Puna, India
with Satsanga 

Together we explore and get to know in depth all the OSHO Active Meditations. Your approach to meditations and your understanding of the key points of each meditation can make all the difference in your experience and the benefits you take away. You will also learn the skills and gain the confidence to offer these meditations in your yoga-class, in a spa or simply with a group of friends.


On completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate and a comprehensive Handbook which includes the instructions for the OSHO meditations, tips for facilitating each meditation, additional supporting texts from Osho about the meditations and about facilitating, and more.

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Tantra Energy

2 days, January 19th - 21st, 2024

at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Poona, India

with Satsanga

Tantra Energy invites us to explore the most essential and creative forces in our lives – our bodily energies – to experience them all with deep acceptance.

“Tantra says, accept whatsoever you are. You are a great mystery of many multidimensional energies. Accept it, and move with every energy with deep sensitivity, with awareness, with love, with understanding. Move with it! Then every desire becomes a vehicle to go beyond it. Then every energy becomes a help. And then this very world is nirvana, this very body is a temple – a holy temple, a holy place.” 

Consciousness is the highest form of energy and when we allow ourselves to experience our energy deeply our awareness expands and flowers into new and previously unknown spaces.

To support this exploration, we use:

  • Dance

  • Breath

  • Conscious movement

  • Meditation

  • Group sharing

When we learn to accept who we are in all our dimensions and to relax into our own energy and sensitivity our awareness flowers and we become whole – integrated.

“Once this energy is undivided, it goes on accumulating. You are producing it every day, life energy is produced in you, but you are wasting it in fight. This same energy comes to a point where it becomes awareness – this is automatic. Tantra says, this is automatic. Once you know how to be whole, you will become more and more aware, and the day will come when your total energy will be transformed into awareness.”Osho

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OSHO – Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind

7 Days January 24th - 30th, 2024

at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Poona, India
with Satsanga


This course is based on hypnosis for relaxation. It is a guided meditation that enhances self-love and self-healing.

During this one-week process of one hour per day, you will be able to establish a new friendship with your body. Body and Mind are not separate – they are one unit. By communicating – talking and listening – to the BodyMind system it will start working for you in new ways. In deep relaxation this system becomes open and available for positive suggestions. In a light trance you are being guided to reconnect with the body’s own self-healing wisdom. In this process you can address physical issues as well as behavior patterns such as overeating, drinking, chronic tensions etc. It will support you in creating and restoring balance and wholeness in your body.

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OSHO  Vipassana Retreat

7 days, February 16th - 22nd 2024 at Osho Himalayas, Dharamshala, India

with Satsanga


A Journey into Silence - A Meeting with yourself

Vipassana is a gift for those who are ready to dive deeper into silence and strengthen the watcher within. The serenity and tranquility of the Greek island of Lesvos in late season will support watching the mind as well as finding moments of peace, understanding and silence of the heart. Five days of no outer disturbance, no talking, simply engaging with yourself naturally enhances the capacity of a deeper level of meditation.

In OSHO Vipassana the active meditations Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meeting are complementing the silent sittings - so the energies can move and make the process juicy and alive.

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"Once you turn in, meditation has started. Meditation means the capacity to be joyously alone, the capacity to be happy with yourself, the capacity to keep company with yourself. To be with yourself is meditation. There is no need for the other in meditation; the joy of aloneness, not the misery of loneliness, is meditation...


Osho, The Dhammapada:
The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 6, Talk #1

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