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Since I was a little girl, I have always been susceptible to someone whispering beautiful and soothing words into my ear. It never failed to relax and calm me down.

Much later in my life I learned that in a relaxed state my subconscious mind is open and receptive to positive messages and will – in its own mysterious ways – incorporate them into my life. Likewise, I have always loved to read stories to my children and use my own soothing voice to put them to sleep.

Therefore, it is no wonder I turned to creating guided meditations and audios for the benefit of clients who respond well to this tool. Because it is an excellent tool: Simply by allowing yourself to relax and letting your subconscious mind find the way to heal you, beautify and rejuvenate you many positive changes will happen in your life.

Healing Journey
Healing Journey


In this audio you travel through your body, repairing and healing it on a cellular level – this is based on the knowledge we have on the functioning of cells and how the body heals itself. This guided journey will deeply relax you and help you to connect to your body in a loving way - releasing a sense of well-being and rejuvenation by tapping into the enormous capacity of the body to heal itself when you trust and let go.

Benefits: Listen to this audio whenever you want to heal, relax and rejuvenate your body. You can use it to become younger and more beautiful and you will also find it supportive during and after a disease to help your body to heal.

„I have known Satsanga for many years. We got to know each other in Greece, where she offered wonderful sessions and workshops. In the summer of 2020, I got cancer. Satsanga immediately send me the Healing Journey.

During my 3 weeks stay in the hospital I had to undergo a treatment high dose chemotherapy. It was a very difficult time. From the first day onwards, I listened to the Healing Journey every morning and I am still doing it every day.

I love her warm voice; I feel carried and supported in my process. In the guided meditation I sense how the old and sick cancer cells are leaving my body and are being replaced by new and healthy ones. This meditation is brilliant and has helped me to move into my day with a newfound strength and a positive attitude.”


Carlo Lehrke, Einbeck, Germany



In this guided meditation you experience how the stream of love and well-being takes your body-mind into a space of deep relaxation, healing and centering.

From here you move into a journey from the form to the formless – leading you into the vast expansion of your inner world. Here you will meet moments of deep stillness and oneness with the universe. Savor the sensation of coming home to your true self.

Benefits: Listen to this audio whenever you need to let go of control – whether you are too identified with your role in the world or a problem you cannot solve or a love story that does not unfold the way you want. Feeling that you are always loved and supported by the stream of love and well-being will help you to then move into expansion and inner silence – where all answers can be found.

Shower of Beauty & Abundance
Short Shower of Beauty & Abundance


This guided meditation is only seven minutes long - talking you into a dreamy space where you can allow beauty, abundance, healing and expansion to flow into your life.


It can give you a taste of my work. And you will benefit from it instantly.

Please note I have not recorded this one in a professional recording studio like all the other audios.


Benefits: Listen to this short audio whenever you need to raise your vibrations and move back into beauty, abundance and expansion.

Buy & Download:

If you want to use these meditations on your own, you can buy & download them. Contact for further information.

Shunyata, Healing Journey, download, mp3, high quality............................ 15 USD; 13 EUR

Short Shower of Beauty & Abundance, mp3:........................................................7 USD; 6 EUR

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