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I have been working with people for the past thirty years of my life. Each time I am able to open a new door, find a hidden truth, and explore life on a deeper level with a client, I myself expand and grow.


Being a contemporary nomad has taught me to be with people of all nationalities and vastly different understandings of life. I have facilitated workshops, events and I have done one-on-one sessions with Americans, Chinese, Spanish, and Greek - with Russian, German, Indian, and Turkish clients. And this list could go on…


The broadness of such a life has taught me not to rely on one method but choose from an abundance of modalities, that I have been trained in and have taught over the years.


Healing the heart, working with the shadow, massage, tantra, emotional release, inner Man/inner Woman and gestalt are some of the elements I use in my therapeutic approach.


Besides my love for psychological and energy-based work, I am devoted to meditation. Being an avid meditator myself I have become one of the official trainers for the OSHO Meditation Teacher training (Osho Meditation In depth & Facilitating)

and also conduct Vipassana Retreats.


Over time I have come to see that being a good therapist has little to do with accumulating trainings and knowledge. While I have refined my methods and deepened my understanding through them, I do feel that my true teacher has always been life itself.


My two daughters were my first teachers. They taught me to listen, to be present with them, and to understand life from their perspective. I also needed to learn to be patient and put them and their needs before mine. A good lesson.


In my thirties, I met a man who became my first spiritual teacher -Mahindra. He was Indian and one of these beings you don’t often meet in life. Mahindra showed me what it means to have no Ego – he challenged and inspired me. Some of the lessons he taught me I understood only years later. I stayed and worked with him for ten years.


After being with Mahindra I found - or one might say that he found me - the Indian Mystic Osho. He taught me to celebrate life, to be rebellious and to meditate. Osho says that meditation is the only true medicine he has to offer. Based on my own personal experiences with meditation this statement has proven to become my one guideline for a joyful life – full of surprises, full of love and laughter. For many years I worked in the International Osho Meditation Resort in Poona, India. It was a life-changing experience.


I was born and raised in Germany and lived a good part of my life in the beautiful city of Munich. But following my own heart, my truth and deep longing life soon took me to many different countries and places. I became what I call ‘the eternal tourist’ - yet my work life started flowering in all directions.


Today I do feel the whole universe is my home. I trust that life will keep on pushing and persuading me to expand, to change, to learn, to grow, to cut off parts that belong to my personality and my identity. I welcome this – even when it is uncomfortable at times.


If there is one thing, I can say about my path it is this: I have always given myself to life with trust and totality. And something has always been holding me, taking care of me, carrying me through all insecurities and uncertainties. Only the jump into the unknown will eventually show us that we have wings and are able to fly. To explore this truth on deeper and deeper levels may well be one of my tasks in this life.

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