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Healing the heart – Inviting the Shadow

Duration: 90 Minutes


This is a unique method which helps us to face negative emotions such as fear, guilt, jealousy and anger. Usually, we shut these feelings out and do not hold space for them, thus they exist as shadows underground and are often projected onto others. In this session we treat these emotions as welcome guests in our life. Once we connect and listen to them, we have access to their positive qualities and can unleash their energy— making peace with our dark sides and becoming whole again.


This session is available in person as well as online. For an appointment, please contact & find pricing information here

"I have come to know Satsanga as a wonderful human being and authentic teacher with great skills and knowledge.”

Katrien Franken, Holland

Coaching Session
Clearing & Healing

Duration: 90 Minutes


In this session we simply explore what is missing in your life, where there are blocks or obstacles you are struggling with - and find solutions. Depending on the problem I use Gestalt, meditation, shadow-work, emotional release, and many other tools to uncover the underlying pattern or imbalance, which creates the suffering.

This session can stand alone but is often embedded in a series of three to five sessions. A series of sessions allows us to move deeper and find truth, meaning and hidden gifts in something that from the outside looks like a crisis.

At the end of a session, I choose and teach a specific meditation technique which aligns with you and the issue we are working on. This self-practice supports your journey towards wholeness. Meditation is the one medicine, which can empower you to become your own healer.

This session is best done in person. You can find me in Dallas (USA), Munich (Germany) or Lesbos (Greece) in the meditation center of Osho Afroz at various times of the year.

Please contact & find pricing information here.


“My experience with Satsanga was life changing. I have deep gratitude for her love, wisdom and personal care. It is rare to meet someone with such open-hearted energy that guides deep into yourself with such kindness and commitment.”
Shadi Shen, Dubai


Holistic Massage for Relaxation

Duration: 60/90 Minutes


Being touched with love and awareness through various grounded techniques, is a gift for the one receiving as well as for the one giving.

This holistic whole-body massage balances male and female energy – the yin and yang within the body. The session includes deep and strong strokes, as well as a soothing, healing, feminine touch that feeds the body's need for tenderness, love and relaxation. 

This session is available only in person. You can find me in Dallas (USA), Munich (Germany) or Lesbos (Greece) in the meditation center of Osho Afroz at various times of the year.

This session is available only in person. To schedule an appointment, please contact & find pricing information here

"Satsanga’s massage touched me profoundly and showed me how deeply relaxing gentle touch can be. Her presence was deeply felt through out the session and afterwards I was left feeling tremendous peace and relaxation.“
Seda Duran-Aparicio, Dallas, Texas, USA

“I was very fortunate to experience a massage session with Satsanga at a particularly difficult grief filled moment of my life. My body was knotted and tense in many places provoked by the sadness and stress which enveloped my mind and body.  With such contractedness, a normal massage probably would have been more painful than relaxing, but Satsanga intuitively sensed what my body needed. She gently facilitated my body to move fluidly towards release and expansion, my muscles were stretched to full extension with a rhythm and grace that mimicked a gentle dance. I felt light, clear minded and rested yet energetic afterwards. And those results were lasting because of the awareness gained through the session.  It’s very difficult to describe Satsanga’s massage style except to say that without pain I felt the release of tension and blockages followed by an overall sensation of opening and energetic flow.“ 
Patricia Semprez, Taos, New Mexico, USA

Meditation Teacher Training
OSHO  Meditation-In Depth & Facilitating 

Duration: 4 Day one-on-one training

followed by two weekends of supervision


This training is usually a group-workshop but because of the unusual health situation at the present time, I have decided to offer it also as a one-on-one training. You can also join one of my annual trainings done in Osho-Afroz-Meditation Center in Greece (check website for dates:


Together we explore and get to know in depth all the OSHO Active Meditations. Your approach to meditations and your understanding of the key points of each meditation can make all the difference in your experience and the benefits you take away. You will also learn the skills and gain the confidence to offer these meditations in your yoga-class, in a spa or simply with a group of friends.


On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate and a comprehensive Handbook which includes the instructions for the OSHO meditations, tips for facilitating each meditation, additional supporting texts from Osho about the meditations and about facilitating, and more.



"Working with Satsanga was a deeply gentle yet powerful experience. She has an abundance of knowledge of OSHO Active Meditations and an incredibly generous way of sharing her decades of experience of facilitation. I was so surprised at how vulnerable I became in the training—and was beyond grateful to have Satsanga’s lightness, encouragement and compassion as I learned and processed during the four days. For me personally, I feel that when doing a training such as this, it is critical to learn it from someone like Satsanga—she is diligent, honors the work of OSHO and holds the learning space with deep love. I felt safe and supported as well as challenged to grow."
Molly Coyle, New York, USA

innermaninnerwoman copy.jpg

Inner Man – Inner Woman

Duration: 90 Minutes


This is an unusual and amazing doorway to find out how you run your life: Are you caught up in too much activity and have trouble to relax and listen to the soft whispering of your inner voice? Then your male side, your ‘Inner Man’ is dominating your life. On the other side of the spectrum if you are struggling to manifest your visions and actively live and build the life of your dreams your female side, your ‘Inner Woman’ might be taking too much space. When masculine and feminine qualities are balanced, we can express and enjoy the dance between these two polarities. The ‘Inner Man’ gives us direction and is able to manifest. The ‘Inner Woman’ allows us to relax and flow with life in an intuitive and guided way. In this session the ‘Inner Man’ and the ‘Inner Woman’ regain their voices and reveal what needs to be heard and strengthened.

Note: This session can give you a deep insight into all your relationship issues, because the balance of male and female in your inner landscape is mirroring your relationship to the opposite sex in the outside world.


This session is available in person as well as online. For an appointment, please contact & find pricing information here

“I thought Inner Man/Inner Woman would be a nice, light and fun group to do. Boy was I wrong! It was one of the deepest, most profound groups I have ever done, and I have done a lot of groups!

To actually feel what it is like to meet my feminine side was a beautiful surprise. It brought me so much understanding to my own softness but also more connection and compassion about what it could mean to be a woman in this world. The exercises felt so real.

Exploring my inner man helped me feel safer, helps me express my masculinity in a cleaner way and helps me see the strength I possess as a man is a gift to be shared with others.

I walked out of that group feeling so aligned and balanced in myself. Safe in my man, and my inner woman finally felt ‘met'."
Dale Roberts, Australia (Inner Man - Inner Woman workshop with Satsanga)


Session Rates

Single Session 90 minutes:

150 USD

120 EUR


Package of three Sessions of 90 Minutes:

270 USD

240 EUR


In the package you can mix sessions – for example you can include a massage in a series of coaching sessions if you wish

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