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The Feminine Way of Love-
Tantra for Women

This is an introduction to Tantra from woman to woman.

Our 'Inner Woman' is being revealed. What she wants and cherishes is often quite different from how we live and perform in our everyday lives. We have acquired male ways to cope in a predominantly male world. While this gives us plenty of opportunities to explore the world and celebrate our independence, it also depletes us. Our heart is no longer nourished, and we are stripped of our innate female power. When we stay too long in the male polarity, we exhaust ourselves and limit our creative abilities.

Women naturally and easily connect to the heart. The feminine thrives on meditation and relaxation, she blossoms when she is rooted in her feelings and guided by her sense of intuition. In her sex-life she is not per se genital oriented - her whole body is an instrument of joy and pleasure. By her very nature she can receive positive and arousing sensations from all parts of her body as well as from her feelings and her heart.

In this workshop we are using meditations, tantric practices, sharing, healing tools and tender touch to support us in returning to our true female nature. A safe and caring container is created which supports you in exploring yourself amongst a sisterhood of women on your quest to become loving and powerful - in a female way.

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