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Embrace your Darkness – Step into the Light

Have you ever found yourself being kind and caring for your child or your mother and half an hour later blowing up at the cashier in the grocery store wondering how and why you lost it? It is likely that you had a meeting with your shadow. The shadow is a term, which was originally coined by the psychoanalyst C.G. Jung. He explored this area of our subconscious mind thoroughly and remarked: "The Shadow is the person you would rather not be". In short, our shadow is the sum of all our so-called negative traits: Anger, greed, jealousy, fear, stinginess, being a coward, a liar, a traitor, a racist, being controlling, manipulating, judgmental - the list is as long as you wish. All these traits are within us and if we look deep enough, we will find them. During this workshop we will consciously invite and welcome our shadow friends. Because when we shut them out, they do not disappear. They hide in the dark, in the basement of our being. We project them onto others, or they jump out of the closet at moments when we least expect it. Once we accept them and start to communicate with them, we can unleash their repressed energy and access their positive qualities. In this way we become whole again. If you want to be the light, you need to face your darkness. There is no way around it.

Join us for an amazing exploration!

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